Water Service Leaks

According to the policy of the Town of Bethel's Public Utilities Commission, the customer is responsible for leaking water service pipes on their portion of the service - between the curb shut off valve and the structure. The water service pipe is the pipe that extends from the water main to the customer's meter.  Once a leak is identified, the customer shall promptly repair any and all leaking service pipes. A licensed plumber should be consulted for assistance in the repair of leaking water pipes. If the customer does not promptly repair the leak(s), the Town of Bethel Utilities Department, at its option, can terminate service if the condition is not repaired in a timely fashion or is likely to be a hazard to health or safety. 

The Utilities Department is not responsible for damage caused by shutoffs in the mains or service pipes because of shortage of supplies, repairs, construction, or for other reasons beyond the control of the Utilities Department. Notice of shutoff will be given when practicable; however, such notice is not required.

The Utilities Department is not responsible for damage caused by discolored water which may be occasioned by periodic cleaning of pipes, reservoirs, or standpipes, or the opening and closing of any gates, valves, or hydrants, or any other causes where reasonable care was exercised by the Utility Department. If discolored water is experienced, flush from the cold tap in the bathtub or outside spigot until it clears. Avoid using washing machines and hot water during period of temporary discolored water. 


Water Meters

If you are a water customer of Bethel Public Utilities and you notice that your water meter is leaking, please contact the Public Utilites Department at 203-794-8549 and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Street address
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • Location of meter

(If you are a customer of Aquarion Water Company, please call them at 1-800-732-9678.)

Please make sure that there is someone available to let the Utilities Department Representative inside to examine the meter.

Meter repairs or replacements necessitated by ordinary wear shall be paid for by the Utilities Department, but those caused by freezing, hot water, or by other fault of the customer including, but not limited to; improper protection, shall be charged to the customer.

The Customer is responsible for all leaks and water on their property and in the service pipe and shall make payment for all water as registered by the water meter and any leaks in the service pipe as may be estimated by the Utilities Department.