Connecting to the Municipal Water Supply

To connect to the municipal water supply, all applicants must fill out the water and sewer permit as well as apply for a Road Opening bond.

To obtain a permit to connect to the municipal water system, please stop in to the Public Utilities Office at the Municipal Center. Please note: The Public Utilities Commission must have already approved your parcel for connection.

If you want public water in the Stony Hill section of Bethel, you will need to contact Aquarion Water Company at 1-800-732-9678 

The Fees for the Water Permit are as follows:

Applicant Fees
Residential $200 Application Fee plus $500 per unit served
Non-Residential $200 Application Fee plus
up to 2,000 sf $3,000
2001 to 10,000 sf $6,000
10,001 to 25,000 sf $10,000
25,001 to 50,000 sf $15,000
Over 50,000 sf


Please Note: For all water and sewer billing questions, please contact the Tax Collector's office at 203-794-8509.

To Disconnect your service, you must contact the Public Works Office 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection of the termination of service. (It is the responsibility of the property owner to hire a licensed plumber to shut off at either the curb box or at the Main. Please indicate the nature of your request; demolition, new construction, change in use, etc. when calling the office.)