Two Forms of Proof Required

  1. PLATE RECEIPT from DMV indicating the registration has been CANCELLED.
  2. Any of the following IN ADDITION TO #1.
    • A copy of the bill of sale - The bill of sale is now on the bottom of the vehicle owners registration form and transfer information must be recorded on the back of the registration form before submitted to DMV - therefore the seller's obligation is to provide a copy of the signed registration form along with the plate receipt to the Assessor. A fully executed Bill of Sale with Buyers and Sellers information, address, city, state zip code.
    • A copy of the Transfer of Title - The seller must provide the assessor with a copy of the signed title and plate receipt.
    • Out of State registration - Proof of residency and a copy of registration showing the date the vehicle was registered outside the State of Connecticut along with the plate receipt.
    • Stolen Vehicle - A statement from the insurance company indicating the vehicle was stolen and NOT RECOVERED. Owner must file lost or stolen plate form with the DMV
    • Totaled vehicle - A statement from the insurance company indicating the vehicle was totaled. If owner did not return plate then he/she must file a lost or stolen plate form with the DMV.
    • Junked Vehicle - A receipt from the junkyard in addition to the plate receipt.
    • Trade-in vehicle - A copy of the purchase agreement identifying the trade-in vehicle and a plate receipt.
Note: All documentation must be DATED and have the VEHICLE ID NUMBER on it.

Connecticut State Statute 12-71c(b) states application for an adjustment must be made by the December 31st, which falls 27 months after the assessment year.