Sewer Leak

If You Experience a Sewer Leak

If municipal sanitary sewers serve a property, the following information will serve as a guide to dealing with this issue. It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain their lateral (the pipe from the house to the sewer main in the street). If you experience any of the following and cannot remedy the problem yourself, please call your plumber as soon as possible:

  • Toilet(s) not flushing properly
  • Sewer gas smell
  • Sewage backing up into or exiting toilets, sinks or tubs and showers

The plumber should attempt to identify the problem and, if necessary, determine where the blockage is located and repair it.

If your plumber is unsuccessful, please contact the Public Utilites Office, (203) 794-8549. Someone will be dispatched from the Sewer Department to come out and assist in determining where the problem is occurring. The Town is responsible for any repairs that are needed on the main line sewer. The property owner is responsible for any repairs needed on the sewer lateral.

If you experience a serious problem after business hours (M-F: 8am - 4 pm), please contact the Bethel Police Department using the Routine Business number (203) 744-7900, and the dispatcher will contact a sewer department representative.