Town Of Bethel, Connecticut, U.S.A.

This site is owned, operated and maintained by the Town of Bethel, Connecticut. This Privacy Statement and information as set forth in the following paragraphs, discloses the Town of Bethel's information and dissemination procedures for the privacy of its citizens and website users. The Town of Bethel reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement at anytime, with such changes, if any, posted to this page.

Security Of Site
The Town of Bethel grants to all users of the Town of Bethel website, a non-exclusive and limited right to access the use and information on this site with the understanding that the user is prohibited from misusing and/or altering the information provided therein.

Each user of the site agrees that his or her terms of use shall be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut, United States of America.

Information Retention
No information from individual users will be retained by the Town of Bethel, unless it is voluntarily supplied by the user. This site does not use “cookies” technology or maintain any users “IP” addresses.

Users may request/subscribe to selected E-Mail lists available on this site. If the user provides his or her E-Mail address, the same will only be used within the Town of Bethel website to contact and/or communicate with the user in order to respond and/or send information regarding a request or comment.

E-Mail addresses are not provided or exchanged to any other outside source or site.

External Websites And Connections
The Town of Bethel's website may contain links and/or connections to other external websites where the Town of Bethel has no control over and is not responsible for the content of the same. For these reasons, The Town of Bethel makes no representations for the privacy aspect of the user while engaged in the use of an external website.

Public Information
This website provides information, including, but not limited to governmental bulletins and calendars, copies of public records, information regarding boards and commissions, both elected and appointed, governmental and permit procedures all of the Town of Bethel.

The user understands and agrees that the information posted to this website is provided for the use and convenience of the users. The Town of Bethel, its officials, both elected and appointed, its agents and employees make no warranties or representations as to the completeness and accuracy of the same. It is ultimately the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy and correctness of the information provided to the Town of Bethel website. The user should not act or rely upon the information provided on this website without verification of the same in person at the office of the Town agency to which such information is applicable.

The Town of Bethel Reserves the right to make changes to the information supplied on the website at anytime.

Questions And Comments
Questions and/or comments may be addressed as follows:

Postal address:
Town of Bethel
One School Street
Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center
Bethel, CT 06801

Telephone number:
(203) 794-8501

This Privacy Statement was updated on May 31, 2005