Financial Aid & Assistance

Many people find themselves facing temporary or even long term financial hardship, making it seem impossible to afford the costs of an activity for their child/children. If you would like to apply for a partial scholarship, please let Parks and Recreation know you need help. 


Assistance is available by making an appointment to see the Director of Social Services, Megan Alworth-Khazadian.
Call: 203-794-8537 or send an email to Megan.

  • provide proof of residency

  • financial documentation to be considered for financial aid

After doing this, please bring the letter from Social Services to the Parks and Rec. Dept. to register your child for camp.

Please Note:  Effective January 2016 we will only be offering assistance for one class/program per child for each Parks and Recreation Session:  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Regarding Camp assistance, partial scholarships may be available for working families in need of childcare.