Hair, Nail, Spa Business Proposal

Health Department Information Needed

Applicants seeking to open a Nail Salon, Day Spa, or Beauty Salon must submit a detailed written proposal to Bethel Health Department for review and approval. Following the checklist below and providing the detailed information requested will allow the business proposal-application to be processed in a timely manner. Your Business Proposal must include the following details:
  1. Name and address of business, business owners. Submit a Business Filing Report or other legal document for LLC, INC.
  2. Provide property owner name, contact information.
  3. Names of Hairdressers, manicurists/pedicurists and copies of licenses.
  4. Describe the Air Handling System. How are heat and odors handled?
  5. Describe in detail the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection processes used in the salon:
    1. Describe the cleaning & sanitization process followed by employees for tools/ pedicure tubs/counter surfaces used by individual customers prior to new customers being served (procedures in between customer's).
    2. Describe how the general salon floors, walls, surfaces, equipment, are cleaned and sanitized. What cleaning products are you using for floors, counters, equipment, tools, chair surface. Where is wastewater emptied?
    3. Describe in detail the step by step procedure used to clean and disinfect the manicure/pedicure tools.
    4. Describe the type of pedicure chair used (contains piping?, pipeless). Submit specification sheet from manufacturer for pedicure chairs to be installed.
    5. Describe in detail the step by step procedure used to clean and disinfect pedicure chair foot basins.
  6. Provide the names and information sheets of the cleaning and disinfection products used. Provide specific information for use of each product and maintaining disinfection "contact time" on surfaces to kill germs effectively.
  7. Provide the floor plan of the business. Identify hand washing sink, mop sink and utility sink: (hand washing sink for handwashing by staff/customers, mop sink for waste water disposal, utility sink for proper washing and sanitization of tools/equipment). Label all areas.
  8. Provide details of coffee/tea/food service. Submit spec sheet for coffee pot. How is the coffee pot cleaned and sanitized? What products are used for cleaning and sanitizing? Submit cleaning product information sheets. Are you using disposable cups, spoons, single serve sugar, non-dairy creamer or a dairy product.
  9. Describe how garbage/refuse will be stored and maintained. Show location and details of dumpster area.
  10. Confirm if your business is served by well/city water and/or septic/city sewer
  11. Submit the written proposal application on a separate piece of paper for Health Department staff review and approval before going to the Building Department with construction plans. Please sign the written proposal and print your name and contact information. If you are an agent for the business owner please make sure you list your contact information.