Fire Department FAQ


 How do I arrange for an inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office?

Requesting an inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office is simple. You may contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (203) 794-8518 to arrange for an inspection.

 What buildings must be inspected by the Fire Marshal?

All buildings within the Town of Bethel, with the exception of single and two-family homes, are required to be inspected by the Fire Marshal or his designee at least annually, as described in the Connecticut General Statutes. The Fire Marshal's Office also conducts inspections of new commercial construction to assure compliance with the Fire Safety Code.

 When are burning permits issued?

Burning permits are issued throughout the entire year and permit is valid for 30 days

 Are blasters required to have a permit from the Fire Marshal?

Yes, a permit to transport, use, and purchase explosives is required before any blasting is to be performed.

 Can I burn on a rainy day?

Generally, burning on a rainy day is not allowed because it does not allow the smoke to rise and dissipate into the air, causing a health hazard from the smoke.

 Do I have the right to be notified of blasting operations in my neighborhood?

There is no regulation requiring persons to be notified that blasting is occurring in your neighborhood. Each blasting operation is unique. Blasters are required to conduct a Pre Blast Survey within certain distances to adjoining property. This survey may or may not be required on homes in the area depending on the amount of blasting to take place.

 My house shook during a blasting operation nearby, what do I do?

Call the Fire Marshal's office if you have a concern about the blasting taking place. Most blasting operations do cause some seismic and air blast vibration. All blasting operations are monitored by the Fire Marshal and they do require Pre Blast Surveys and seismic readings of nearby buildings to determine safe levels of ground and air movement.

 What can I burn?

A burning permit allows you to burn twigs and branches up to three inches in diameter. Burning of construction debris, leaves, and logs is prohibited

 What do I have to do before I begin burning?

The Fire Marshal shall inspect the burn pile before issuing a permit. Upon issuing the permit you must call the Bethel Fire Dispatch at 203-778-7415. They will tell you whether burning is allowed that day based on the State of CT Burning Index. You must give them your permit number. DO NOT CALL the Fire Marshal's Office.

 Why does the Fire Marshal conduct fire investigations?

To determine if a fire was accidental in nature, or incendiary (intentionally set). Determining if a fire was accidental is important to identify if a piece of equipment or appliance is defective. Should a fire be determined to be intentionally set, the fire investigation will be used in aiding the Police Department investigation.