Nutritional Needs

Bethel Community Food Panty: Eligible households may utilize the food pantry if they meet guidelines set by The State of Connecticut. Guidelines are revised every July and must be completed every July with the TOB SW. Eligibility for the Bethel Community Food Pantry is determined by household income. All income (earned and unearned) is counted. Requests to register to utilize the food pantry may be made throughout the year. Please contact the TOB SW  if your contact information or household information (number of household members, income) has changed. 

Brotherhood In Action Food Baskets: If a household meets eligibility guidelines for the Bethel Community Food Pantry that household will be eligible to receive a holiday food basket a few times a year. Requests must be made and applications completed and submitted (if not already completed for the Bethel Community Food Pantry) at least one month prior to the distribution to be considered for the basket. Applications are revised every July and must be completed every year.  You must contact the TOB SW to make an appointment to complete the application, as well as to notify SW if your contact information  or household information has changed. 
Food baskets are delivered to one’s home by Brotherhood in Action Volunteers. 

Household Size/Household 2021-2022 Income Limits for Bethel Community Food Pantry and Brotherhood in Action Food Baskets:
1/$30,268.00;  2/$40,937.00;  3/$51,606.00;  4/$62,275.00;  5/$72,944.00;  6/$83,613.00;  7/$94,282.00;  8/$104,951.00; for each additional person add $10,669.00.  
Food is distributed, by appointment only, twice monthly. The TOB SW has an emergency food pantry available for emergencies. 


Walnut Hill Community Church Food Pantry: Please visit their website for distribution dates and times: