Sewer Installation Information

Process of Sewer Installation for the owner responsibilities

  1. Fill out Permit for Sewer Installation @ Town Hall – sewer permit fee is  $700 Payable to Town of Bethel for a single residential unit. Permit fees for multi-family residential and non residential units vary depending on size.
  2. If you are on a well for water service you need to have a meter installed. Contact the either J&B Services or Krueger, Inc. to Install the water meter. *
  3. After Water Meter is Installed an inspector from the Town of Bethel will inspect the meter.
  4. Contact a Plumber to install a lateral, the Town of Bethel Utility inspectors will come again to inspect the lateral before it is covered. The process is now complete. 


Water Meter Installers *

J & B Services 203-743-9357 or Adolf Krueger, Inc 203-743-2255 

Installation of Lateral Fee Varies and cost will vary based on the length and difficulty of the work.

The Following Contractors have successfully Installed Sewer Laterals In Stony Hill.

TD and Sons             203-948-1107
J&B Services, Inc      203-743-9357
Adolf Krueger, Inc     203-743-2255
Pembroke Plumbing    203-746-1424
Allen's Excavation       203-887-7227
Verdi Construction      203-798-9880
Elmer Lewis & Sons   203-748-7668