Fire Marshal's Office

Open Burning Permits for brush are now available. 
The Fire Marshal's Office is primarily responsible for inspecting, at least annually, all three or more family dwellings, business, mercantile, day care, educational, board & care, assembly, storage and industrial occupancies. This Office also Shall:
  • Review all plans for commercial and three family or more dwellings construction in the Town of Bethel to see that they comply with the State Fire Safety Code.  
  • Must determine the cause and origin of all fires that occur in the Town of Bethel.
  • Submit a monthly report to the Connecticut State Fire Marshal's Office on all fire calls.
  • Inspect Open Burn areas prior to a permit being issued and must be approved the day of the burning by the Fire  Department Dispatch according to the State Burning Index.
  • Issue and Inspect all Blasting Permits and operations.