In 1855 the area of Bethel separated from Danbury and incorporated as the “Village of Bethel.” The Village of Bethel maintained a few Constables to enforce the law, answering to the First Selectman. They received calls through Danbury’s phone and radio system and by word of mouth. It would not be until 1947 that the Bethel Police Department was officially organized with a Police Chief and Police Commission.

Morris Britto, a Bethel native, became a Constable in 1912. This was a part time job that Britto worked along with his regular job at the Nashville Road Hat Shop. Britto later became a full time Constable serving as the Town’s only Police Officer. During this time the Police Department was located at 15 Fountain Place, now named P.T. Barnum Square. In 1933 the Police Department moved to 133 Greenwood Avenue. and in 1963 to Library Place, into the old Town Hall building. In 1973 the Department relocated to 49 Plumtrees Road. In October 2018 the Department moved again to a brand new facility located at 12 Judd Avenue.