Leaf Collection

The Town of Bethel will begin curbside pickup of leaf bags according to the following schedule. It will commence on Monday, October 16, 2023 and end on Friday, December 3, 2023. Please look for your road and the scheduled week of dates for leaves to be picked up.

Residents are asked not to rake leaves into the streets, as this will cause storm drain clogging and localized flooding.

In addition to the curbside pickup, Town of Bethel Residents are encouraged to bring their bagged leaves to the transfer station at no extra cost while this program is in effect. Please bring a picture ID confirming Bethel residency when you drop off your leaves. Household garbage will not be accepted with the leaves.

Remember: All leaves must be neatly bagged in paper bags. No plastic bags will be picked up nor will bags filled with debris other than leaves be accepted at the transfer station. Please do not use tape (duct/shipping, etc.) to close and seal the leaf bags. All leaf bags should be placed on the curbside the night before, unless inclement weather is expected. Leaves placed after the scheduled pickup date will be collected on the next rotation. There will be NO special pickup bags on demand. PLEASE KEEP THE WEIGHT OF THE LEAF BAGS AT A REASONABLE WEIGHT, FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR EMPLOYEES. Thank you.

The schedule provided is for the entire week and is tentative. There may be delays due to weather and Town projects. 

Leaf Pickup Fall 2023 Schedule