Tax Payment Methods


 Pay in Person

Tax bills may be paid at the counter in the Tax Collector's Office using cash or check. 

Credit/Debit cards are not accepted at the counter.

 Pay by Drop Box

Payments in the form of check (no cash) can be dropped off in the drop box located in the front of the Municipal Building. 

 Pay Online & Pay by Phone

Bethel taxpayers may pay their real estate, personal property and motor vehicle taxes online or through our 24/7 automated phone service: (855)329-3811

Online credit card, debit card and e-check payments can also be made at our convenient self-service customer terminal located inside the Tax Collector's office.

  • There is a service fee 2.99%, with a minimum of $3.95 for credit card and debit card transactions.
  • There is a $0.95 flat fee for direct withdrawal from your checking account via E-Check.
  • There is an additional $0.95 flat fee for all transactions made with pay by phone.
  • You will need your bill number to pay  by phone. Your bill number can be found online by visiting the link below.


 Delinquent Motor Vehicle Taxes

  • If you have delinquent Motor Vehicle taxes and need your name cleared with the DMV, please notify the Tax Collector's office.  Be aware that payments MUST be made either in person with cash, cashier's check, money order OR online with a card (not an E-check) in order to obtain a tax release.
  • If you choose to pay your delinquent Motor Vehicle taxes online and need DMV clearance; please contact the Tax Office at the number below AFTER making your online card payment so that we may verify your payment and clear your name.
  • DMV releases are all done electronically. There are NO paper releases issued. For more information, call: (203) 794-8509.