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Public Pool Inspections in accordance with CT Public Health Code 19-13-B33b   


The 2024 public pool season is quickly approaching!


In accordance with the CT Public Health Code 19-13-B33b, all Public Swimming Pools are required to be inspected by the Bethel Health Department prior to initial use and annually thereafter prior to opening for the public pool season.  See the State of CT definition of a Public Pool:  PHC 19-13-B33b (a)(1).  The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the public pool on your property meets all of the State of CT public pool regulations. 

The Connecticut pool regulations require specific mechanical and safety equipment be available and on premise at all times, clean restrooms/showers for bathers be provided, and the pool water quality be maintained for swimming pool bathers meeting state regulatory requirements.  Please make sure that one of your designated Pool Supervisors and Pool Tester (if separate) is at the first pre-opening pool inspection and has the state approved water test kit  on-site and the pool logging records.  All main drain covers must meet manufacturer’s specifications and regulations to maintain pool safety.   

The regulation also requires water quality testing to be done immediately prior to daily opening of the pool for use, and tests shall be made to determine the amount of residual disinfectant and the pH pool water quality tests shall be repeated at sufficient frequency during periods of bather use.

How to Schedule a Public Pool Inspection by Bethel Health Department 

The Bethel Health Department (BHD) staff will be emailing to pool owners and/or authorized agents the following application/forms to initiate an inspection. For your convenience, the application/forms can also be filled out on the BHD website.  

Fillable Application to Operate a Public Pool

Fillable Letter of Authorization


Please complete the forms, including the following information:  

 1.    Condominium Association’s confirmation of designated pool supervisor responsible for the pool for the season. This may include the information for the resident (president of association, chairman of pool committee, etc.).

2.    The name and email address of the commercial pool company responsible for the monitoring of the pool.

3.    The name of the personnel responsible for maintaining the pool water quality testing logs and performing daily pool testing.

4.    Emergency contact number for pool supervisory personnel.

5.    The name of the owner or agent, business addresses and contact number.

6.    Pool inspection fee of $75.00. Checks made payable to the Town of Bethel.


Once the forms are completed, please print, sign, date and drop off with $75 payment in cash or check made payable to Town of Bethel.  You can also print, sign, date, scan the application and send via email to and make payment in cash or check made payable to Town of Bethel in person or via mail to Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center, 1 School St., Bethel, CT 06801  .  


Note:  If payment is made via mail, application will not be processed until payment is received.


Once BHD receives the signed Letter of Authorization of the delegated Pool Supervisor and Pool Water Quality Managers, we will set up an appointment with your designated pool supervisor/pool manager for their testing the pool water and confirmation that the pool and its equipment and operation management is in place for BHD sign off for opening of your pool for the 2024 season.  Access must be available to all pool use areas and mechanical room.  Other Condominium staff are sometimes present during the inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, you will be notified of our findings and any areas that need to be addressed to be in compliance with The State of Connecticut Public Health Code Sec. 19-13-B33b to open pool.


If you have any questions, please email us at or give us a call at (203) 794-8539.


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