Business/Residential Alarm Registration

Local residents and businesses are asked to register their home and business alarm systems with the Bethel Police Department. Businesses without alarms are also asked to register their emergency contacts and emergency key holders. Those who have already registered are asked to update their information as needed so that Police have the correct information on the alarm system and key holders during an activation or other emergency.

*Unless required by law, no alarm system which produces an exterior audible signal shall be installed unless its operation is automatically restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes with an automatic reset for a residential facility and 30 minutes with an automatic reset for a business facility. Notwithstanding the provisions of this article, the Town, its departments, officers, agents and employees shall be under no obligation whatsoever concerning the adequacy, operation or maintenance of any alarm device or alarm monitoring facilities. No liability whatsoever is assumed for the failure of such alarm devices or monitoring facilities or for the failure to respond to alarms.

The alarm registry printable form (available below) can be hand delivered or mailed to Bethel Police Headquarters at 12 Judd Avenue Bethel, CT 06801. 

The information can also be submitted electronically by visiting the online form.