Health Frequently Asked Questions


 Q: How do I file/register a public health complaint?

The resident can call, come in, mail, fax or email their public health complaint to the Bethel Health Department, The complaint should include their name, address, telephone number (so we can advise you of our investigation results) and describe in detail the public health problem and where specifically the problem exists. The Bethel Health Department public health professionals investigate all public health complaints and enforce the CT Public Health Code regulations that apply to public health issues/matters in the town of Bethel.

 Q: What do public health investigations involve/include?

Investigations include:

  1. Review of existing public health records/documents.
  2. Site Inspection/investigation by trained staff
  3. Identification and confirmation of any Public Health Code violations as defined in the Connecticut General Statutes, Connecticut Public Health Code, and Town of Bethel ordinances.
  4. Issuance of orders by the Director of Health to correct or eliminate the violation(s) noted
  5. If orders are not complied with, the Director of Health and the Town Attorney start legal proceeding against the violator to the Superior Court, and, if necessary, continue the legal process through the court system.
  6. Immediate health hazards are addressed by the Director of Health working in conjunction with the Town Attorney.

 Q: What do Public Health Services include?

Infectious disease control, management and surveillance monitoring. Environmental protection services. Enforcement of Public Health and Rental Housing Codes. Health Promotion.

 Q: What does Public Health work involve?

Health protection, health promotion, prevention of disease in the town of Bethel, protection of resident health, promotion of healthy behavior choices/lifestyles.

 Q: What is the role of the Director of Health?

To effectively identify and address local health problems, community health needs, and the available resources that can be targeted to those areas. Local Directors of Health have all the legal powers necessary to protect and promote public health, to prevent disease and injury, and to enforce the public health code, and other State and Local laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to public health.