Bethel Public Library

The Bethel Public Library was founded in 1909 with a bequest of $2,000 and some books from Maria Parloa, a prominent Bethel citizen. It was located in a couple of rooms above a local store and was open 8 hours per week. Today, for little more than one penny of each tax dollar you pay the town of Bethel, the library offers over 85 different services and is open 58 hours per week. Approximately 60% of the town's eligible residents have and use their library cards on a regular basis.

Please visit the Library Website to find information on all of the library's services. But there's much more and we hope you'll join the more than 127,000 visitors last year who have already discovered the wonderful treasures the Bethel Library has to offer you from within the walls of the library building itself. And you, too, can discover it at the library!


The Bethel Public Library - Your Community Information Center