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Utility Department

The Utility Department includes the Town of Bethel Water and Sewer Departments.


PAYMENTS: To pay water and sewer use, sewer assessment, and sprinkler and hydrant bills on-line. There is a service fee of *2.99% or $3.95 minimum* for credit card and debit card transactions.

There is a flat fee of $0.95 for direct withdrawal from your checking account via ECheck.

Water and Sewer Payments as well as Sewer Assessment payments can be paid online here.

  • For more information please contact Tax Collector's Office at 203-794-8509

Disconnect your Service

To Disconnect your service, you must contact the Public Works Office 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection of the termination of service. (It is the responsibility of the property owner to hire a licensed plumber to shut off at either the curb box or at the Main. Please indicate the nature of your request; demolition, new construction, change in use, etc. when calling the office.)

Woodcock Water Study

Woodcock Study for water/sewer/hydrant/sprinkler rates for the town of Bethel.