Bennett Memorial Park

14 Shelter Rock Road


Our Policy

It is the policy of the Board of Selectmen to encourage the use of the Bennett Property for the use of Bethel community groups and/or organizations.  Bennett Memorial Park is owned by the Town of Bethel and as such is open to the general public.  Your rental fee provides for the use of the kitchen facilities, pavilion, indoor room, indoor and outdoor bathroom facilities and outdoor cooking areas and DOES NOT provide for the exclusive use of the property and pond.  Generally speaking, if "someone" sees that there is an activity going on at the facility, they respect that use and leave the property.


 A Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Town of Bethel as an Additional Insured is required.  Failure to obtain appropriate insurance will result in the loss of your rental fee and reserved date.  Without the required insurance - you may not rent the facility.


2024 Rental Fee

Rental Fees are due at time of Reservation

• The book will open MONDAY, March 11th 2024 at 8:30am

• Beginning TUESDAY, MARCH 12th 2024 for Bethel residents/Bethel Non-profits phone reservations will be accepted.

• NON-Resident rental bookings will OPEN MONDAY, MARCH 18th  2024 at 9:00am .


There is 3% fee convenience fee if a credit card is used.


2024 RATES 

Weekday Rental          M-Thurs           $300.00 - Bethel Residents

Weekday Rental          M-Thurs           $450.00 - non resident

Weekday Rental          M-Thurs           $100.00 -  Scouts and Bethel Board of Education only

Weekend Rental          Fri-Sun             $350.00 – Bethel Residents

Weekend Rental          Fri-Sun             $550.00 – non residents  

Please Note: Rental Fees Are Non Refundable


• Max Capacity: 250 people

• Security/Cleaning & Key Deposit

• A $275.00 deposit is refunded once the facility has been checked and is left in good condition.
*We reserve the right to establish a security/cleaning deposit higher than the standard $275 rate and implement the requirement to hire a police officer for traffic control.

**IF police are called for noise you will lose your deposit**

You Must Carry Your Own Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Town Of Bethel as an Additional Insured, This Certificate must be in our office two (2) weeks prior to your event.

Note: If you are unable to provide the appropriate insurance, your rental fee will not be refunded. Please make sure you can obtain the insurance needed before submitting your application.


Facility Information


  • 23 picnic tables that seat ten people under cover. Click here for large Pavilion. Click here for small pavilion.
  • Two large charcoal grills and two small charcoal grills. Small grills are under cover. Click here for Photo.
  • Bathrooms have 5 stalls and two sinks and are not handicap accessible. Click here for photo.
  • Garbage cans are not provided. A dumpster is on site for you to put your trash after your event. Please take all recyclables with you.
  • Small playground area.




  • Light switches located in kitchen and are marked. Turn off before leaving premises. Click Here for Photo
  • One industrial refrigerator and two freezers. Click 1. Fridge and Freezer 2. Inside of Fridge 3. Inside of Freezer (no racks)
  • One electric stove with six burners and one rack in oven. Click 1. Stove 2. Oven
  • Three large sinks and one hand washing sink.
  • Two prep tables.
  • Cleaning supplies (including dishcloths, towels detergents, etc.) are NOT provided. Small containers for garbage are NOT provided, only a commercial container for final clean-up.

Indoor Room  Click Here for Photo (Room is 32'x18')

  • Four tables and 39 chairs. Click 1. Chairs 2. Tables
  • Two bathrooms – both are handicap accessible. Click Here for Photo
  • Air conditioned.


General Information

  • Renters are allowed to enter the property no earlier than 7:00am the day they have rented.  Renters are NOT allowed on premises prior to 7:00am.
  • There are NO outside grills or fire pits allowed.
  • If a DJ is on site and/or just music being played the sound should be lowered to a reasonable level by 9:30p.m.
  • The town of Bethel will not assume responsibility for food, beverage or any other articles left anywhere on the premises either before or after your use of the park.
  • Wading or swimming in the pond is strictly prohibited.  Anyone violating this rule will be immediately ejected from the park.
  • No person shall smoke, use tobacco, or use vaping products at any Parks and Recreation facility or associated parking lots, including, but not limited to Bennett Park
  • Please contact 203-743-5500 if any problem exists on arrival, if you have any problems during your event (i.e. stove, sinks, bathrooms), and just prior to locking up that you are leaving the park.
  • Organizations or individuals failing to comply with any of the above regulations will be denied future use of the Bennett Memorial Park.There are NO inflatables or petting zoos allowed.