Assessment Property Definitions

Program & Residence Data

  • Building Style Code:  Architectural  style group  of the building.   Raised Ranch, Split-Level  or Bi-Level,  Ranch, Cape, Conventional or Old Style, Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Garrison, Victorian, Tudor, Condo, Contemporary, Town House, Cottage, Duplex, Bungalow, Log Cabin.
  • Basement Type: The presence or absence of a basement or other foundation. Full to indicate basement under at least3/4 of the dwelling area. Partial to indicate basement under 1/4 to 3/4 of the dwelling area. Crawl to indicate crawl space beneath ajoisted floor or foundation. Slab/Pier to indicate no basement built on a concrete slab or individual piers.
  • Heating System: No Central,  Hot Air, Hot  Water/Steam  or Electric.  If the only source  of heat is a free standing woodstove or portable heater, then "no central" will be indicated for Type of Heat.
  • Type of Fuel: None, Gas, Electric, Oil, Wood, Solar, Coal. (Fuel indicates the fuel used to run the indicated Type of Heat.)  Therefore, ifthere is an entry of"no central" in Type of Heat, there will be an entry of"none" for Type of Fuel.
  • Central Air: Indicates the presence of a central air conditioning system.
  • Year Built: Approximate date or original construction.
  • Sq. Ft. Living Area: The total square footage of finished living area contained within the dwelling, using exterior dimensions. Finished Basement Area will only be included in the Sq. Ft. Living Area if the building style is a Raised Ranch or a Split Level.
  • No. Bathrooms: The number of full and/or half baths in the dwelling. Full baths contain three fixtures, typically a commode, wash basin and bathtub and/or shower stall. Half baths contain two fixtures, typically a commode and wash basin.
  • No. Bedrooms: The number of rooms designed  to be used as bedrooms.
  • No. Fireplaces: The number of usable fireplace openings.
  • Basement  Living  Area:  The  presence  of  an  area  of  the  basement  which  is finished  with  a  quality  of  materials  and workmanship consistent with the main living area of the dwelling- such as the lower or grade level of split-level and raised ranch.
  • Basement Rec Room: The interior finish exhibits a quality of material and workmanship  inconsistent  with and generally inferior to the main living area of the dwelling.
  • Attic: Refers to the presence of finished area and the extent of the finish. Five alternatives are provided. To indicate no attic or having subfolder stairs.
  • 1- None: To indicate no attic or having subfolder stairs.
  • 2- Unfinished: To indicate an unfinished attic having stairs.
  • 3- Part Finished: To indicate either an undivided (one room) full finished attic, or a divided (two rooms) with one-half (one room) semi-finished attic, one of the two rooms finished and the balance unfinished.
  • 4- Full Finished: To indicate divided (two or more rooms) and fully finished attic.
  • 5- Full Fin/Wall Height: To indicate divided (two or more rooms) and fully finished attic which includes the presence of one or more small dormers.