Parking Permits

The Metro North Parking Facility located at 13 Durant Avenue in Bethel is by permit or daily paid parking only. The fee for an annual parking permit is $250.00 annually, January-December, pro-rated each month thereafter by $21.00. The cost for daily parking is $.25 per hour



Daily Fare parking is clearly marked and for patrons of the business only. Thanks to the expansion there is no longer a waiting list for annual permits. The permits are renewed annually in December for the following calendar year. Daily parking is by the hour in the clearly marked numbered spaces payable at the kiosk to the left of the building near the entrance of the platform. Payment is by credit card, debit card, coin, or "Parksmarter" App. 


If you require more information please see 2024 Rules and Regulations or call 203-794-8505 or email Kasey Galbis at